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Allentown Duplex- SOLD

Just over a month ago we received a call to help 3 friends into their first investment property who wanted to diversify their retirement after college. Yesterday we closed on their first deal in Allentown!! A fantastic 2 unit building which needed significant work. Deals are out there....just be willing to create value where others won’t.

Just an hour after closing these gentlemen had the floors ripped up and out of the home. In a real estate business, every day without renters is lost income, and they didn't waste a minute.

A special thanks to Mike Daly for helping Carter, Tom, and Rory thru this process, Joe and Town Settlement Group for facilitating a moving goalpoast deal and closing from ALASKA!, Ryan Harsche for helping them with financing, Mike Sup from ROI Home Inspections for a comprehensive inspection, Hector Cardona for rehab/construction planning, and of course Jim Reardon from EXP Commercial for a strong seller representation!. You are all awesome.

Want to use real estate to diversify your portfolio? Give us a call!

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