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Real Estate is Life-Changing

Invest with Confidence

We got you covered!


Tom Fontoura-Sutliff

Matt Morrow

John Wargo

CJ Sabo

Mike Daly


Bob Sacco

Your Trusted Partners In Real Estate

Proudly offering Education - Mentorship - Networking and more!

Exceeding your goals and expectations with integrity and compassion

The Buy Box

Define Your Deal:
Investors are not retail buyers.... They have clear criteria- and stick to it.

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We offer full-service real estate acquisition and support for local or remote investors. Our trusted partners are vetted in each market to ensure your success.


Our system is designed for remote investors to deploy in ANY MARKET

Education, Mentorship, and Ongoing Support

We love helping investors of all experience levels build and scale


Our program is tailored to your particular situation- eliminating analysis paralysis.


Education, mentorship, and ongoing support are critical to our clients.  We spend as much time as necessary to ensure

you are completely comfortable, connecting you with industry professionals for services outside our expertise realm.

We've got you covered.

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Investment Goals / Time Freedom

We'll help you determine Return on Investment, Return on Equity, Cash on Cash Returns and Cash Flow (plus much more).

We only purusue deals that meet or exceed your criteria- saving valuable time. 

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What our clients have to say...

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"Matt and John have been very responsive. They provide information that we as investors need to evaluate properties. They pay attention to the details, and have a great sense of humor. We  finally found them after much frustration with "regular" brokers in the area, and missing opportunities because of slow action. Matt and John "get it". Despite a super competitive market, they helped us get a two home property at a very fair price. We look forward to working with them going forward."

Lee & Eileen

"They were honestly the perfect realtors to take us through our first investment property purchase. They always made himself available on our schedules to meet, for phone calls and for zoom calls. They are extremely capable, intelligent and knowledgeable, and enjoys teaching others and explaining anything you may need. They walked us through every step of the process and made it super easy. Not only do I feel confident in our purchase and ready for another one, but they will be our realtors for every purchase as well! Best in the business."

TJ S. 

Sumague Review.jpg

"They were beyond helpful and professional with the process of purchasing our multi-units.. They had a very high level of attention to my needs and the effort he put towards my personal situation made it feel as if we were their only client. Without any doubt I would choose them for any real estate purchase I would make in the future. The entire experience was stress free because of their ability to work ahead of any issue that might have occurred. I've recommended them to my friends and family and anyone who is entering the real estate market."

Justice M.

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